Used in electrical rotating machines like D.C. Motors, Generators, Commutator motors, Slipring motors, Traction motors, Alternators,  Auto transformers with application to railways, mines, textiles, steel plants, ships, paper industries, Power Plant, Generators, Automobile starters, wiper motors and dynamos, F.H.P. motors such as portable Tools, Vacuum cleaners, mixer grinders, sewing machines, etc.

Carbon Brushes play an extremely important role in the operation of electric motors. The efficiency and life of machine is directly influenced by the quality and grade of the Carbon Brushes. Our Carbon Brushes are made from 'Morganite' (ACPL) Carbon Blocks of appropriately selected grades for particular application. The flexible shunts are either tamped or rivetted for a firm connection with least possible resistance. Other type of fittings like saddle fittings cheek plate fittings etc., are also provided to requirement and all fittings including the terminals are suitably plated. The brushes are checked at every stage of manufacture and are subjected to various tests including dimensional accuracy test, connection voltage drop test and pigtail pull-out strength test, so as to conform to IS:13466:1992.